NC State Baseball Rolls Over Maryland, 20-3

Jeremy SynanWhen you score so many points in an inning that the scoreboard is unable to display the total number of runs scored, you know a team is getting walloped. In this case, NC State scored 13 points in the fifth inning. The scoreboard, only able to display a single digit for each inning, just alternated flashing “1” and “3”.

Today I did get a few photos from the Brackman project, but for the most part, I shot the game and afterwards photographed other team members post-game when they went to lift.

Here is a link to my photos of NCSU baseball vs Maryland from Sunday that I took. It has some game photos, random photos of Brack and photos in Weisiger-Brown’s weight room. I also hope to soon be able to make a game that Eric Surkamp is pitching. Every time he starts I have been booked at another location.

Coming soon I hope to get post photos of UNC men’s lacrosse upset win over Notre Dame on Saturday.

Note: This was posted on Monday, March 12th, but refers to the game on Sunday, March 11th.

Updated 3/12 at 11:21pm: Added Jeremy Synan photo