Day 11 of Brackman Project: Campbell

Today was less about the “Brackman project” and more about the “baseball project”. That is, I focused most of my energies on the entire team. I probably took only about 12 pictures of Andrew. Although it is never possible to have “enough pictures”, I have enough of Brack now that I feel comfortable branching out.

It was a rainy day for most of the afternoon, but cleared out before the 7pm start time, delaying the game for only 10 minutes. While players waited under the dug out for the rain to clear, I roamed around taking interesting pictures as they presented themselves. For example, Drew Martin told me I should have my camera ready: He and Marcus Jones were going to have a bubble blowing contest. After plopping 4 to 5 pieces of gum in their mouths, it took a good 5 or 10 minutes before they were able to get the gum and the correct consistency. While they competed with each other, it was a late-entry, Kenny Ford, who won hands down.

Typically I will hang out on the right side of the dugout; either at the ramp or the break in the fence between the ramp and the remainder of the dugout. Today I decided to station myself at the left-most side where the batters go out. After shooting there for the game, I had to ask “Why haven’t I been here more?” The location provided some new angles that I did not have before. With the late game time and consequently low light, I had a to use a special lens that allows me to shoot in low light, the Canon 50mm 1.2L. The 50mm focal length works well for subjects up close, but does not allow me to take photos of subjects more than 8 yards away. So instead of action at the mound, I used the opportunity at left dugout to take photos of batters getting ready: putting on gloves, getting their helmet, etc.

Drew Martin and Marcus Jones