UNC Takes Top Spot in College Athletics

Stack Magazine Elite 50Wanted to give my alma mater UNC some props for placing #1 in the inaugural “Elite 50” by STACK Magazine.  The magazine ranks athletic programs by looking at academia, performance and athletic opportunities.  Nearby Duke University also did well placing #5. Those in-the-know can probably guess the #2 team: Stanford. Hopefully this will not go the way of the Athletic Directors Cup where we win the first year and Stanford wins every year afterwards. The value in this #1 ranking is that the magazine is given out to high school students.   High school students who include in their ranks high caliber athletes that UNC and other schools want to recruit. In this business, good publicity goes a long way.Other ACC schools making the Elite 50 include UVA (11), Maryland (24), Clemson (30), Boston College (31) and Wake Forest (35).