Andrew Brackman Project (2007)

09 February 2007: Andrew Brackman (left) during a workout while I (right in mirror) look on. It’s not that I’m short, it’s that “Brack” was nearly 7 feet tall.

From January through May 2007, I did a behind-the-scenes photo essay on Andrew Brackman, pitcher for North Carolina State University, who was drafted by the New York Yankees in the first round of the MLB 2007 draft. It was an amazing experience for me to follow such an affable and down-to-earth athlete who was exceptional on the field.

You can find images from the project in a variety of way. First, all the old blog posts from the project are archived here on the site. Apologies that these were written over 10 years ago and, since them, computers screens have become larger and sharper, demanding more pixels. Many of the images in the gallery are quite small now. Also, my writing, like now, was quite bad, only worse. Second, on my website I have galleries of all the photos that we took, including my favorites. Finally, I put together a book with my favorite images. It’s not cheap, unfortunately, due to the printing costs of printing just one book.

It’s been over 10 years since working with Andrew and I still miss the experience. He was so much fun, so kind and had a wonderful family. Little moments like having breakfast with Andrew and his parents at the Farmer’s Market in Raleigh were such great experiences.

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