Day 8 of Andrew Brackman Project

While posted on March 8th, these photos are actually from March 7th. Last night I had to play catch-up on editing and sending photos off to clients. So I didn’t get time to write in this journal, blog or whatever it should be called.

After a two-week hiatus on the project, I returned back to Doak Field to get back to work on the project. The Pack was playing North Carolina A&T in a mid-week stand. I didn’t arrive until about the 4th inning and didn’t even bother bringing my longer focal length lenses (that is, a lens that ‘zooms in far’) to photograph the game; instead opting for wider lenses instead.

I brought with me a brand new lens I bought a week ago – the Canon 50mm 1.2L. I have been eyeing this lens for some time and thought this project would provide an excuse to finally buy it. It was about $1,500 but has proved its worth so far. At f/1.2 it really “opens up” and lets me shoot in darker situations. Plus, it’s sharp and with its circular aperture has excellent background blur. All the pictures taken below were taken with the new lens.

I didn’t take that many photos today and really did not get anything too striking. I was pretty disappointed in the take. Part of that is because I’m starting to run dry on ideas of good photos to take when we are always in the same environment: club house, weight room, etc. I am going to have to figure out some new locations to shoot to mix it up; or rather, go with him to other places which can be tough because I don’t want to get in his way. But, even when shooting in the same environment, sometimes fun things do happen. For example, last pic below has Brack and Andrew Taylor trying to pull in Joey Cutler into the pool at Weisiger-Brown. Unfortunately this happened so fast and the lens I had on the camera at the time was my new 50mm when what I needed was a wider lens. So it’s a little too cropped.


Andrew Brackman signs autograph


Andrew Brackman

Andrew Brackman

Andrew Brackman


Shutter Actuations

  • Pictures taken today: 133
  • Previous total: 2,019
  • Total Pictures taken for project to date: 2,152

Hours spent on project:

  • Hours today spent shooting: 3.25 hrs
  • Today’s Post production: 1.5 hrs
  • Previous Hours: 33.75 hrs
  • Total Hours to Date: 38.5 hrs (19.25% of 200 hr estimate)