In February I had the great opportunity to work with Team USA member Chris Eck, a faceoff specialist. I was hired to photograph him by US Lacrosse for their Lacrosse Magazine. We had less than two days to come up with a location to do the shoot, ship Chris his USA uniform, and conceptualize what we wanted the final product to look like. We barely were able to do the shoot on the day scheduled due to rain in the morning and then UPS not delivering his uniform on time. (Chris had to drive to the UPS facility to retrieve his uniform.)

We did the shoot at Duke University thanks to the help from Duke SID Meredith Rieder. Of note Chris and Meredith knew each other from Colgate where Chris did his undergrad and Meredith was an SID.

I hope you enjoy seeing some photos you may not have seen in the April 2014 issue. 

@bhunt18 back in college. #tbt #lacrosse #unc #portrait

#Duke #lacrosse #portrait (at Duke University)