Russell Wilson portrait

NC State called me about doing a quick shoot of their quarterback, Russell Wilson, together with the school’s mascot, “Tuffy”. Took a lot of frames, many which were the dog walking out of the frame, etc., but finally we nailed a good photo that you see below. Used an Alien Bee 1600 monolight with a battery week to separate subject from background.

NC State quarterback Russell Wilson with mascot “Tuffy”

UNC Lacrosse Project: Weights and Motto Vote

I arrived to the locker room a little earlier again this day in my pursuit of my quest to produce some better photos in the locker room before practices. Today provided some interesting photos ops. Andrew Moss showed off his juggling skills while Michael Jarvis showed off his lack of skills. Mike Burns was working on the stringing of his stick which provided some nice photos.

After weightlifting, the team gathered straight into the team room, adjacent to their locker room in the Kenan Stadium Fieldhouse for a players-only meeting. Well…players only plus a certain photographer. Fletcher Gregory, with some help from Nick Tintle, led the team in a voting session to pick this year’s motto. There were about seven or so options that were slowly pared down to a small list. After a lively discussion and ideas being thrown out (some good, some…not), the team finally picked their motto. I’m not going to list it on this blog as I’m not sure if they want it publicly disseminated for now.

Players vote for their favorite motto.