Day 7 of Brackman Project: Gardner-Webb

The Gardner-Webb game was suppose to be a three-game series but Friday’s game was cancelled due to cold weather. I wasn’t complaining as it gave me a free Friday for the first time in a long time. So instead of Friday, Andrew Brackman pitched on Saturday. This worked out well as I wanted to spend some time with him on a game day. So I met him at his apartment at 9:45am and had every intention of getting photos of him in his “crib” (as the cool people on would MTV say). But I was we were so sleepy that I didn’t even want to pick up the camera so I never did. I’ll have to put that on my to do list I guess.

Afterwards we headed to the North Carolina Farmer’s Market for breakfast where I had the opportunity to meet his family. That was a lot of fun and they were nice folks (even though they don’t like grits). I brought with me some 11×16 B+W prints I had made from the project so far; photos that are embargoed until the final project is released to the public. So they got a sneak peek before anyone else did of how the project is coming along. I did break into a little bit of a sweat when Brack’s mom asked where I went to school and I said (very softly) “UNC”. But they didn’t throw me out so its all good. haha

The weather today was again cold and cloud cover became thicker as the game progressed. I had to keep adjusting my camera’s setting to adjust to the darkening conditions. This heavy cloud cover and windy weather made the game a chilly one. I had to go to the dugouts heater to warm my hands up so I could operate the camera. The Wolfpack also chilled (nice segue huh?) the batters of Gardner-Webb easily winning 8-0. By the top of the 9th they looked spent.

Looking at the schedule, I’m not sure when I’ll get more photos of Brack done. The team is in Myrtle Beach next weekend and are only playing single games in mid-week stands until the ACC opener vs. Maryland on March 9th. Hopefully I will get some time in though even if its only going to the weight room.

Breakfast with the Bracks…

Andrew Brackman

Red waits for Brack to finish putting down comp ticket names…

Andrew Brackman

Wheeling and dealing pregame…

Andrew Brackman

Teammate Drew Martin tries on one of Drew’s jersey. This gives you sense of how long Drew’s jersey’s are. They are made a even longer than someone his height needs, but a longer one was ordered because his shirt tail kept coming untucked when he pitched. I tried the jersey out too and it comes down below my knees!

Drew Martin


Andrew Brackman

Scouts check out Brack while he warms up. Looks like a warm-fuzzy bunch doesn’t it?


Shutter Actuations

  • Pictures taken today: 190 (not including ‘action photos’; only non-action)
  • Pictures taken on Day 6: 55 (I was too lazy to add these to the last entry)
  • Previous total: 1,774
  • Total Pictures taken for project to date: 2,019

Hours spent on project:

  • Hours today spent shooting: 7 hrs
  • Today’s Post production: 2 hrs
  • Day 6 hours: 1.25 (again, too lazy to add last time; includes shooting and post-production)
  • Previous Hours: 23.5 hrs
  • Total Hours to Date: 33.75 hrs (16.88% of 200 hr estimate)