Favorite Lacrosse Photos

Brodie MerrillInside Lacrosse Magazine hosted a contest asking their photographers to submit their favorite lacrosse photos of the past 10 years. The 10 year mark was selected because it represents the anniversary of the magazine.

So I spent a good amount of time going through old photos, finding my favorite ones. Some of my earliest work (when I was a student at UNC) didn’t make the cut because those photos were taken using obsolete technology, or film as it’s more commonly known. So my apologies to Mac Hammer, Judd Lattimore, Jeff Sonke and the others for leaving your photos out (my photos stunk then anyway). I “went digital” in 2001 so I had about 7 years worth of photos to look at. Like the photos I took of UNC when I was a student, even some of the earlier digital stuff by my standards today is sub par crap that I would never confess to having taken. In 2001 I was in my 2nd year working for Georgetown University and covering a great lacrosse team until 2004 when I moved back to NC. I had the opportunity to photograph and know some great Hoya lacrosse players like Kyle Sweeney and Brodie Merrill. Also caught his majesty Mikey Powell when he and the Syracuse Orange came to GU every other year.

Going through the photos was time-consuming but fun. When I first started with digital my archival techniques were poor and thus, many photos were uncaptioned. Trying to ID players from 6 years ago proved near impossible. Still, it was great seeing some of my old work and comforting to know that I’m (a little bit) better than 5 years ago.

Here is a link to some of the photos I submited to Inside Lacrosse for the contest. At some point in the future I think they will run a “best of” photos in an issue. In addition to sending photos that I thought were solid, I selected some photos of players like Brodie Merrill where the photos themselves weren’t stunning except for the fact that the the players themselves turned out to be stunning. Enjoy.