Weights Testing

Today I was lucky again as there was new material for me waiting in the weight room. The team today did testing in the weight room at different stations with tests including the bench press test, squat test, stretch test and vertical leap test. I’m guessing the point of the tests were measure the maximum weight they can now lift to establish a new baseline. The tests also provide the opportunity to monitor progress throughout the season.

“Jersey” Mike Burns probably had one of the more impressive lifts while doing squats. It looked like at one point the metal bar could fatigue and snap under the load that he was lifting. Most all the teammates gathered around him and encouraged him as he did his lift Jack Ryan also stood out in the vertical leap, almost getting higher than could be measured.

I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to write between now and January. I will be out of town traveling for business traveling the next couple of weeks for my “real job” as I call it. But next semester is when the project should really start to get interesting as the season starts up. As a housekeeping note, special thanks to James at Inside Lacrosse for linking to this blog. I appreciate the attention to it. Coach Haus was kind enough to mention the attention the project is getting today after lift. The players clapped and that was very encouraging to me as I work on this long project.

Mike Burns does the stretch test.