UNC Lacrosse Project: Junior Dinner

UNC Lacrosse JuniorsUntil Spring semester starts in January, there probably won’t be any further postings on the project. The guys will be starting final exams very soon. I’m not exactly sure what I will do with myself while not working on the project. Acutally, I do know. I have gigabytes of photos to sort through, caption and back-up to my PhotoShelter account. That will probably keep me preoccupied over the Christmas holiday. I’m backing up all my photos online so that they are backed-up offsite just in case my computer crashed or my house burned down. It would be a huge loss to me to loose all the work I’ve done.Tonight though was the junior dinner. Mrs. Haus was a champ to come home earlier today from Ohio State and cook a meal for a hungry set of guys plus a hungry photographer. Tonight she made a chicken casserole, salad, bread and a homemade cherry cobbler.Before the meal, coach Haus’ youngest son Grant was able to once again sucker a player into playing him in a game. This time it was on the Nintendo Wii instead of paper football. Chris Cortina was the first victim and was promptly downed with ease by Grant while playing boxing and football. The other players said goalie Grant Zimmerman’s skills were legendary and he was nominated by the other players to take on little Grant and preserve what pride the players had left. I didn’t see how the Grant vs. Grant match-up played out, but big Grant was showing a respectable performance on the outset. My apologies to the seniors but I will be missing their dinner. I have to be in San Fransisco next week and New York the week after for business.