Vote in Lowe’s Senior Class Award for Lacrosse

Vote for Fletch (photo by Jeff Camarati/ UNC)Show some love for the ACC or your favorite school by voting for seniors for the 2008 Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award. Below are the contestants, and where they stand as of 1pm ET on 4/16.  You get 3 votes and can vote once per day.  I obviously voted for Fletcher Gregory at UNC for my first pick.  I was showing some love for Brad Ross but now that he is ahead, I have to be a UNC partisan and not vote for Duke.  My 2nd pick was for the man, the legend, Paul Rabil at Hopkins.  After that, I was neutral for my third vote.

—>> VOTE HERE for Fletcher <<—

Craig Massie (Army) 27%
Ben Rubeor (University of Virginia) 23%
Pat Grimm (Yale University) 16%
Brad Ross (Duke University) 16%
Mike Leveille (Syracuse University) 7%
Fletcher Gregory (University of North Carolina) 3%
Michael Corbolotti (Cornell University) 2%
Paul Rabil (Johns Hopkins) 2%
Tommy Scherr (University of Delaware) 2%
Danny Nathan (Cornell University) 1%