Congrats Cullen Jones

Cullen Jones, a graduate of North Carolina State University, along with some guy Michael Phelps, upset France to take Olympic Gold in the 4×100 meter relay on Monday, Aug. 11.  I’ve photographed Jones a few times for NC State and I had no idea that he would turn out into such a phenomenal swimmer as he has now.   But still, a huge congratulations to him for winning an Olympic gold medal.


  1. The flashes were actually off flash. I used two Speedotron 2401sx powerpacks, and 105 Quad-tube flash heads at full power (2400 ws). The light was bounced off the ceiling to try and create a more natural light. We actually blew a circuit doing it.

    These days though, we have worked it out with the coach that we do the shoot outside and don’t have to use lights. It makes life so much easier, and the photos look much more natural.

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