Problem with “Photos” in El Capitan Automatically opening on compact flash card insertion

Are other professional photographers having this problem in their workflow? 

After photographing the Duke Blue Devils soccer game vs. VA Tech (photo gallery on I discovered this issue. In El Capitan, Photos wants to open every time I insert a newly formatted compact flash card, even when I “tell” it not to.  Here is a detailed workflow to show where the error occurs: 

1. Insert compact flash card

2. Photos opens automatically and displays Import function

3. Uncheck “Open Photos for this device” (shown below) and close Photos.

4. Eject disk

5: Optional: Reinsert CF card, Photos does NOT open (as expected)

6: Reformat card in camera (Canon 1DX). Take photos

7. Reinsert same CF card. 

8. Photos opens automatically and displays Import function. This is not expected behavior.

Solution needed from Apple: Add setting so that Photos ignores all memory cards. 

Important: This affects El Capitan (10.11) only. It did not affect me in Yosemite (10.10). Yosemite users have been suggestions solutions that work in 10.10 but no longer work for 10.11.

This is frustrating because I am a professional sports photographer and am downloading and ingesting many cards as part of my workflow. And every darn time I insert a new CF card I have to close Photos. It has been disruptive to my work flow. 

Note that I also have image import turned off in “Image Capture” but that does not fix the problem.

Others have described this problem on Reddit and some on Sportsshooter have offered solutions, though I want to avoid using Terminal.