New photo project with UNC Men’s Soccer

An exciting announcement: This season I will be doing a season-long photo story with the North Carolina Tar Heels men’s soccer team, telling the lives of the student athletes off the field. You’ll see little in the way of game action photos; you can find those easily elsewhere. Instead, this will document the moments you never get to see. Reps during practice, gearing up before a game, and those formative moments that bond these student athletes together towards a collective vision of excellence on the field.

I’ll confess that I’m both excited and nervous about the experience. Excited because I’ll be back at my alma mater doing this story, a school that always feels me with good memories. Nervous because I’ve never done a story with a soccer team and will be figuring this out as a stumble along, trying to find compelling photography week in and week out.

Below are some images from the first day, a photo and video day session held at the new UNC Soccer and Lacrosse stadium.

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Until then, I’m off to buy some UNC soccer gear.