Duke Lacrosse finishes the regular season…and a renaissance in Chapel Hill

Photo Gallery: Duke Lacrosse v Air Force. Duke played a late regular season game against the Air Force Falcons on Sunday, easily winning 19-6 in a game that left the Duke defense twiddling their thumbs while the offense scored mercilessly. In the second half, Duke cleared the bench; gone were …

6 and 1 Feels Good

UNC Men’s lacrosse has already won 50% more games here at the halfway point of the season, than they won all last year. Last year they were 4 and 10. Now they are 6 and 1. UNC beat the Vermont Catamounts 13-6 Tuesday afternoon on Fetzer Field (yeah, I know …

“Luck of the Tar Heels”

Last Saturday’s game was supposed to be the “Lock of the Week” according to Inside Lacrosse. Notre Dame’s men’s lacrosse team was suppose to beat North Carolina; seems the boys at UNC didn’t get the memo. With a dominating 2nd and 3rd quarter, the Tar Heels beat the Fighting Irish 11-8 on Fetzer Field. In 2006, UNC managed only to win 4 games all season. Thus far they are 5-1 with 7 regular season games to go. The Heels looked solid in their freshmen. There are so many new faces that I didn’t recognize half the players out on the field. That says a lot of great things about their future. It is great to see this team get back to it’s winning ways. I felt an excitement and enthusiasm in the players Saturday that I have not felt from them in a long time.

As always, here are some photos of UNC Lacrosse v. Notre Dame.

The Duke Men’s Lacrosse had their home opener yesterday, defeating Dartmouth 17-11. It was their well deserved start at normalcy after having their season cancelled last year. Originally I was not going to photograph the event (originally I planned on doing UNC’s home opener) but I received a call from Inside Lacrosse to photograph the game for them and well, money is a motivator. In any case, it was great to be back photographing my favorite sport to photograph. Forget ACC basketball; I forgot how much I loved this sport until today.

The media was not as intense as I originally expected. But it was certainly more than one would find at a typical lacrosse game. Even the AP covered the event; I don’t know if the AP has ever covered a lacrosse game except maybe NCAA title games. There were some TV crews but really not many. After doing NFL this to me was low key. Fortunately, there were no protesters. Just a good friendly crowd. I felt bad for the Duke kids really. During pregame warm-up, we were taking pictures of everything they did. Like another photographer said, “If they fart, we take a picture”. That’s just part of our job. I feel bad doing it at times but I am there to do a job and paid to do it. In the end, however, I think all the media attention was good. It showed the team returning to normal life after all the craziness they have been through. Today was the first day of their return to being just regular college student athletes.

Even though I am a UNC grad, I found myself pulling for the Duke team. I wanted them to win it after all that has happened to them. Just don’t tell the folks at UNC; I might have my diploma revoked.

Here are pictures of Duke Lacrosse vs. Dartmouth.