Day 3 of Brackman project over and I’m dead tired

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and I spent most of my day today up until the game with the baseball team. They started around 9:30am but I still worn out from the basketball game the night before did not arrive until 11:30. I arrived again when they were stretching so made my way out there to take some photos of that.

When I started the project I made a number of rules for me to follow. One was to not use an on-camera flash. However, after today I’m tempted to break that one. There are just too many times outside that I need just a kick of light in the subject to bring it out. I did however use a circular polarizer (CPL) for the first time since I was a student of photography. For some reason, the use of filters has become a lost art with the advent of digital photography. The clouds today however were in a perfect formation to make a CPL effective at bringing out clouds and producing a satisfying effect.

Andrew did not pitch today but he did have an interview with the media. Tim Peeler from was there along with reporters from The Technician, 850 the Buzz and others. He talked about being at the game and the excitement of beating Carolina. It was interesting to hear his perspective as a former player for the team.

Once the scrimmage was over I rode with him from Doak Field to the WB weight room. We were there for a little over an hour and I got some good photos of him working out. Once finished in the WB I rode back with him and called it a day.

Andrew had asked me how many pictures had I taken in total. I had no idea when he asked but I thought on the blog I would post the number of pictures taken. The numbers are high because you have to take tons of pictures to get real winners where the technical execution of the photograph is perfect and the look of the subject is also perfect. Some of the photos will be trashed b/c they are out of focus, etc.

Number of pictures taken today: 617

Total pictures taken for project: 1,168

Below are some images today. Again, I’m embargoing my favorite photos until the final deliverable. But here are some assorted others.

Probably the only color picture I’ll post but I liked the sky…

Andrew Brackman

Media Interview…

Andrew Brackman Interviewed

Andrew Brackman

Weisiger-Brown Weight Room…

Andrew Brackman

Andrew Brackman on a stair stepper

Back in the locker room. David Lindsay on the right…

Andrew Brackman and David Lindsay