Hours spent on Brackman project

For grins, I thought I would start keeping track of how many hours I spend working on this project; both taking photos and all the editing and post-production work it will take. Why keep track? Maybe to quantify just how masochistic I am I guess. When I started the project I estimated I would spend a total of 200 hours on the project all told. I’ll see how close I come to that. Here is where I stand do far:

Day 1 for Technican Shoot

  • Time for shoot on the field: 1.0 hr
  • Post Production (editing, captioning, downloading, etc.): 0.5 hrs

Day 2 for Scrimmage

  • Time spent shooting: 4.0 hrs
  • Post production: 2.0 hrs

Day 3 for media interviews, weight room

  • Time spent shooting: 5.0 hrs
  • Post production: 2.0 hrs

Total Hours to date: 14.5 hrs (7.25% of 200 hr estimate)

In future posts I’m going to keep track of not only the number of pictures taken but also the numbers hours spent working on the project.