When head shot day goes wrong

Trevor Mack

Every August, I pack my lighting gear and head to NC State to set up for a two-day head shot day.  All the winter and spring athletes come in anytime between 9am and 4pm to have their photo take.  Staff are also welcome to come.

Typically I do both days, but travel with football to South Carolina precluded me from doing the Wednesday session.  So my friend and fellow photographer Karl Deblaker filled in on Wednesday.  On the first day, I was getting a couple outtakes and Pat Norris in the media relations office suggested that we keep a collection of all the outtakes on file, and post them to the new blog on gopack.com.  So I wanted to link you to the blog so you can check out the outtakes.

Hopefully this is something we can do on an annual basis.  We thought the fans would get a kick out of the photos.