It’s the random photos I like – NCSU Basketball and Football

So college football season has started, and I am back in full force on the sports photography circuit.  Last week I traveled on the team buses down Columbia, SC with the NCSU Football team when the played the Ol’ Ball Coach.

It goes without saying that with a final score of 34-0 for South Carolina, it was a rough game.  Worse though was the injury of QB Russel Wilson.  I was walking around USC campus with Brandon in athletic communications saying that with all the injuries, the only thing that could be worse if if Wilson was hurt.

Beyond the score and injuries, I had a great time down in Columbia.  Brandon and I toured the campus and I was able to by my always essential survenior for every campus I visit: a shot glass.  I also had a great talk with team orthopedic surgen Dr. David Fajgenbaum, whose son, also named David, I’ve known back when I worked at Georgetown and David QB’ed there.

The enviroment was also a fun one.  The fans certainly get into the game, and it was loud there.  I can only imagine the intensity that comes from a Clemson – USC game.  I did hear that the NCSU fans said the USC fans were welcoming and respectful, which was great to hear.  Good to have an intense, but cordial enviorment.

Speaking of enviroment, one of my favorite photos was of Andre Brown, just as the team was about to enter the field.  He was checking out the stadium, and I was only about 2 feet from him when I took the photo.

Wednesday, with the help of my friend Danny, I did the team photo for NCSU men’s basketball.  Usually it is one of my more stressful events of the year, but this year it went off without much of a hitch.  Brian Reinhardt, media relations director for basketball, had the day’s events remarkably organized, arriving with a diagram of where each coach and player would sit or stand.

We also did some photos for marketing.  They needed some photos of Ben McCauley, Courtney Fells and Brandon Costner.  In a light hearted moment, I snapped them doing a faux pose before we did the real photo shoot. (sorry it is not composed very well; I brought my camera up from the floor and snapped this moment real quick)  Moments like these are great because they remind you that these guys are just every day guys like you and me who have a sense of humor, and I think most fans would really appreciate that.