NC State upsets ECU

Russell Wilson with "Trust" written on his wrist bandage

Oh, I wish every game at NC State was like this for me.  To be sure, working at NC State covering football has had it’s ups and downs.  When Daniel Evans threw the “hail mary” 2 years ago to beat Boston College:  That was euphoric.  But for every good moment, there seems to be even more bad ones.  Traveling to USC with the team was an exercise in masochism.  Insult to injury was Russell Wilson’s concussion that put him in the hospital overnight.  But back to the point:  It is a lot more fun to work for and photograph a team that wins than one that doesn’t.

Today was one of those good days.  In what turned out to be an exciting game, North Carolina State upset East Carolina (ECU).  Some fans may dispute the use of “upset”, saying that ECU was not as good as they were thought.  But, in the end, NC State did beat a ranked team.  Here are some of my photos from the game.

You know how I like random photos, and the photo in this posting is both random, and one of my favorite photos from the day.  It is of NC State QB Russell Wilson.  Actually, it is a close up of his hands during the press conference.  I noticed his wrist taped with the word “Trust” written on it.  After taking a few photos of it, a reporter asked what the message meant.  Russell said it means “Trust in God first. Then trust in your teammates.”  Anyways, I hope Russell wasn’t wondering why I was zooming in on his pelvic section.